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What to Put on a Business Card As a Student

If you’ve ever been to a networking event you know the power of a business card. But as an intern, student, or new grad you probably don’t have one yourself. Here’s some thoughts on whether or not you need them, if it will seem pretentious, what to include, and where to get them.

Most of the articles I’ve read and career advisers I’ve consulted agreed that for students the goal is more to use a card to get someone else’s card or look professional when someone offers you their card and that they are absolutely necessary. But there are some unique approaches including putting highlights of your resume on the back. This technique could be useful when you’re looking for a job at an event where a resume isn’t appropriate. Regardless, the main goal of a business card is a tool for networking.

Be sure to include your contact info, that’s probably pretty obvious. But what do you put where most would put a title and company? It was pretty unanimous that students should not put a dream job title or any other descriptive title that is not actually a job they have. Otherwise, what you put is really up to, but you are probably best to just be honest. If you include that you are a student you can include the degree you’re working and the year you will earn it. You may also wish to include a website.

So where do you get decent cards with a low budget? Vistaprint seems to be the best option all around. They offer cards for extremely low prices and decent quality. You can even customize the design for a bit more.