Fitness Tips For Reducing Facial Fat

Nobody likes fatty cheeks or double chin. It is against the normal form of fitness and wellness and beauty of an individual. Many people choose liposuction as the remedy in such crisis to look normal. The reality is that if you do some simple exercising, the body loses the fat including the extra facial fat.

If you gain weight, the first signs are seen on the face. The face becomes heavy, cheeks become flabby and you carry double chins. You can cover these flaws with expert makeup, but the agony remains as it is. The simple and safe way to get rid of this problem is to do certain facial exercising including the exercising of the full body. When you lose the gross weight, the facial fat goes away as well.

Exercises are simple

You do not have to change the routine exercising currently being followed by you. Do not stop aerobic workouts or yoga if you are practicing them regularly. Keep it in mind that, you need to reduce the fat from the whole body. Hence, just include a few simple exercises for the facial fat accumulation.

(a) Close your eyes and put fingers on eyelids. Now, try to bring eyelids down with the eyebrows going up. It helps toning the forehead portion of the face. Continue for five minutes every day. You may find deposition of fat under eyes. Relax and try to make an up and down movement of eyeballs keeping eyes closed. Imagine seeing an object in this position and continuing this for at least 15 minutes. Draw eyebrows up as far as possible in this exercise. Never open eyes during the exercise. Relax by counting 1-10. Repeat it for 10 minutes every day.

(b) Wash your hands and fingers properly before you start this exercising. Put a finger in your mouth and suck it with as much force as possible. Count 1-10 and stop and withdraw the finger from the mouth. Repeat it at least for 10 times a day. It will definitely help you to regain the normal shape of your cheeks.

Next, Tilt the head backwards and put pressure on both cheeks against the palm of your hands and try to create a laugh keeping your mouth closed. Continue it for 10 minutes every day. Your cheeks regain the earlier looks once again.

(c) Tilt the head backwards slowly and smoothly until you feel pressure on the neck. Try to move the jaw from right to left and left to right. Perform this for five times a day to tone up the neck and shoulder muscles to lose fat.

(d) Sit straight and tilt the head slowly backwards and look to the ceiling with the face parallel to the ceiling. Try to put the lower lip on the upper one by keeping the mouth closed and count 1-10. Relax and repeat it for 10 times a day. Sit on a chair and tilt the head backwards and face the ceiling. Move the head in a circular motion keeping lips closed and count 1-20. Relax and repeat the feat for five minutes a day to get rid of double chin problem.

(e) Open your mouth as much as possible until it hurts lips, chin or cheeks and count 1-10. Relax and repeat it for five minutes a day. It helps to tone up facial muscles and at the same time supports effective blood circulation, which ultimately helps in reducing facial fat.

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