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Make Money With YouTube Videos But Not With YouTube

YouTube videos to make money without YouTube.

Did you know you can make money online with YouTube videos, and affiliate marketing but not with YouTube itself? There are 2 secret sites I have discovered; one will pay you for clicks on videos (without video optimization). While with the other one I had more views in a single week with less than half the number of videos than on YouTube in a month (also without any video optimization and/or algorithms).

It all started when I had some issues with mainstream social giants and reached the point where I got tired of all the red tape! Working my butt off to create unique quality content, only for my posts to get spammed and scammed by bitcoin and binary trading spammers! Yip, you know exactly what platform I am referring to.

Now, apart from giving you access to these awesome alternative video platforms. I am also going to give you access to refreshing alternatives for mainstream media. That is if you are as tired of all the hassle, like ridiculous Ts and Cs, fact checkers, and all the rest of the crybabies! These sites you are about to access are exceptionally engaging audiences, the majority (over 70%) are from top tier countries (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand).

Getting Buyer Traffic without all the Hassle.

Getting traffic to affiliate links is one thing. But, getting those visitors to convert into sales and engagement is quite another. Let’s face it, everyone getting started with affiliate marketing immediately run after mainstream media and social giants. Just stop already! Stop wasting your time and effort only to get blocked, banned and suspended.

Spending days and even weeks researching and creating unique content, only to get a kick in the nuts! All that hard work down the drain, and then you must wait for your blocked or banned period to expire. This, by the way will leave a huge gap in your consistency, and that is why you are still struggling. Because when you want to drive traffic to affiliate links, then consistency is of paramount importance. You do not need the social giants.

You do not need the ridiculous Ts and Cs. I am also quite convinced you are as tired as I am of “fact checkers“! For heaven’s sake, you cannot even share a joke these days without the “fact checkers” having a tantrum! But I must admit, I am glad they drove me to that point of frustration. So much so that I found refreshing alternatives and haven’t looked back since.

Discussing the Sites and Refreshing Alternatives.

I must be honest and say that these sites you are about to access does not quite have the number of visitors than the giants. But ask yourself this. Would you rather have 1,000,000 visitors without a single engagement? Or would you prefer 10,000 visitors that are active, engaging and buying from you? Yip, I thought so.

A single visitor that converts, is worth more than 100,000 visitors with zero engagement and/or sales. When you work your butt off driving traffic, then some engagement and sales are rather refreshing, right? So, let’s look at some of these refreshing alternatives to the mainstream giants.

· Rumble

· BitChute

· MeWe (Search Your Browser)

· Gab (Search Your Browser)

Rumble and BitChute are alternative video platforms like YouTube. Only Rumble will pay you for video views a lot faster. Because Rumble will optimize your video minutes after uploading it. Therefore, you can start earning for clicks from the get-go. BitChute is a little more challenging with regards to video views and monetization. But that is besides the point.

With BitChute, prepare to be blown away by an 80% top tier traffic spike. Within 3 days, I got nearly 3000 video views from 25 videos. But get this, I didn’t make a single video and I got 4 sales from affiliate offers in the video descriptions! Now that is what I call buyer traffic! But how the heck did you do that, you may ask? Let me show you.

Getting High-Quality videos without making A Single video.

Getting high quality videos to use and make money is simple and you will need but one tool to convert the videos. But you will have access to this free tool in a little bit. Really simple to do especially when you have the original video creator’s permission without asking. The steps are rather simple, just start by going to your YouTube channel.

Next you want to enter the keywords and/or search phrases you want to target in the search bar and search. A whole list of videos will appear in the YouTube search results. But you cannot use most of these videos because of copyright. To the top left on your YouTube search page, you will see “Filter”. Simply click on filter, and then activate “Creative Commons“. Now you have a list of videos you can use with permission.

Do a quick check before you copy the video URL and convert it by expanding the video description section. Right at the end of the description you will see.

License – Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

This means that you can reuse the video, which is great for affiliate marketing especially. Because there are many videos about reviews and success stories with several affiliate products that you can use. Then simply promote the affiliate offer that the video is about.

Once you have decided on a video under creative commons, copy the video URL. But not the URL in the search window. You want to copy the video URL in the “Share” option. Then simply add the video URL to the YouTube Downloader tool in the steps below. Before we move on to the next heading, let’s just go over the basic steps one more time.

1. Search YouTube for a Particular Target Keyword.

2. Enable Creative Commons.

3. Double Check the Video License Attributes.

4. Convert the Video to 720P with YouTube Downloader (Search Your Browser).

5. Use Canva to Create Attention Grabbing Video Thumbnails.

6. Upload to Rumble and BitChute.

Important Note: With BitChute it is alright to use cloaked affiliate links in video descriptions, but I will not advise that with Rumble. Use Rumble to get views and get paid for that. Do Not share affiliate links, cloaked or otherwise. In fact, do not share any links on Rumble.

Getting even More traffic to your Rumble and BitChute Videos.

You guessed it; we are talking about the two remaining alternative sites. MeWe, and Gab. Where you want to share your videos that you have uploaded to Rumble and BitChute once done. But you also want to engage with audiences and join groups. These two sites are like social media giants but without all the hassles, and rules to work through.

Once you have created your Gab and MeWe accounts be sure to complete your profiles as professional as possible. Simply because a faceless and/or suspicious profile will not get much attention, if any at all. But social networking profiles is an entire subject on its own.

With anything you do online, always make your profiles as complete as possible because you are competing with people that do. A profile picture is a picture of your face, like a passport photo and not your favorite car or much-loved pet. Audiences appreciate knowing who they are connecting with. Besides, it builds recognition and trust.