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Network Marketing Tips and Strategies – Four Proven Tips to Make A Better Presentation

One of the most important network marketing tips and strategies to master as a distributor with a network marketing company is how to do an effective presentation about our MLM’s products, services, and/or business opportunity. As Tom, Big Al, Schreiter says, without skills all reps are dead in the water. Without skills, everybody knows its easy to end up fire-hosing our MLM prospects and setting up their salesman alarms to go beeping like crazy.

So, here are four proven tips all leaders need to learn and apply in order to present their MLM product, service, and work from home opportunity with the power it deserves. When you nail these skills, you will become much more effective and successful at recruiting/sponsoring business opportunity seekers as well as building up a nice customer base.

Tip #1: Avoid making price an issue. Many studies show that the salesperson is more concerned with price than prospects and customers. Amateurs love to talk about price. Unfortunately, all this does is remind the MLM prospect of how much it is to join the work from home opportunity or the cost of the product. Successful reps handle the process as if they were minor considerations. If a potential client does make it an issue, they deal with it effectively.

Tip #2: Focus on benefits and not features or price. A feature is an attribute of a product or service; some quality that makes it attractive. Benefits are different because they are an advantage that an opportunity or product provides. When your MLM leads ask questions, the best approach is to always focus on the benefits the person will gain.

Tip #3: Be valued focus and work to deliver it. Showing your prospect the benefits of being a home-based business owner or the benefits your company’s products or services provides is the only way to create value. The more value you as a leader can deliver, the more desirable the product, service, or opportunity will be to others. Plus, with this approach, the less important price becomes.

Tip #4: Relate benefits to every value. Your goal is to attach every benefit of every feature to a tangible value; something your MLM business lead desires. If you create enough desirability, you will create customers and sponsor new people into your downline each month.

Growing a highly successful MLM business with lots of volume and sponsoring quality people does take persistence, a burning desire, and skills. When you learn the skill of how to make effective business presentations, your home-based business will grow.